WSTS 2016 Winners

​​​​​​​​West Side Takes Stage

Performing Arts Scholarship Competition


Issue #2, 2016 Newsletter    

Hello WSTS Friends!

Inspiring higher college and career goals!
Welcome to the 2nd Annual West Side Takes Stage Performing Arts scholarship Competition!

The West Side Takes Stage is a nonprofit partnership with the West Side Theatre- We are united to foster and promote the performing arts on the Westside…We aim to provide the Westside students with an opportunity to showcase their amazing talents …We want them to know that we recognize that the road to college and career has many avenues-and we are here for those who excel in the performing arts!

West Side Takes Stage Scholarship competitors are judged solely on their talent; no GPA, test scores or interest to major in the arts are required for eligibility (other than zip code). Our judges placed each competitor used a rubric to place each comp as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or honorable mention…

“I am honored to recognize our wonderful sponsor, Thompson Chevrolet for their continued dedication and commitment to promoting quality, integrity and opportunity for our young Westside students to soar!”
Also, many thanks to many donors listed in our program. 

I also hope that you will take part and support us in our efforts to continue with our mission!

How can you support!
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Print Application and mail completed application between: September 5,  2017

First Audition: Saturday, Sept. 9 , 2017 (Times depending on categories)
Final Round: Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 6:00 P.M.

     *Spread the word & get ready for next year!
      *Thank You Thompson Chevrolet for continued Sponsorship! You Rock!
   West Side Takes Stage 

Dr. Merza-Fillpot


Issue #1, 2015 Newsletter 

  Hello WSTS Friends!
  We are still floating from all the support and success of our first annual performing arts scholarship competition★

The West Side Takes Stage continues to get great praise from our rapidly growing participants and supporters. While our first competition had two categories, instrumental and visual arts, and two-age divisions-we are excited to say that now we have a lot more categories and just one-age division (6th-12th grade) per category for the money prize scholarships! Photography, dance, drama, vocal, and short monologues are our new additions! Also, we have added a senior citizen (62+) category. Each category has 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prize ($1000, $ 500, $ 250) except for the senior citizen category (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize are consumable baskets).

 The West Side Theatre in Newman is a beautiful theatre to continue showcasing our awesome west side competition talent✪ The theatre offers great shows at affordable prices plus numerous charities use it to promote their cause. 

Samia Merza-Fillpot
Founder/Chair WSTS

 *We hope that WSTS performing arts scholarship competition sent a clear message that performing arts matter and is college worthy path. May your artistic talent light up your path to a successful, happy professional and personal life.

How can you support!
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*Be a donor

                                  *Spread the word & get ready for next year!
              *Thank You Thompson Chevrolet for continued Sponsorship! You Rock!
                              West Side Takes Stage